Ask for FITT Air anti-bacterial ventilation pipes to be used in order to ensure top performance levels for your MVHR system and to extend its lifetime.

Is a controlled mechanical ventilation system on its way?


Optimises the efficiency and extends the life of the MVHR system, ensuring clean sanitised air over a prolonged period of time, with no unpleasant odours and great acoustic comfort


Wide availability of ranges in stock for designers to choose from and full compatibility with all types of MVHR systems. FITT Air tubing is delivered


Straightforward to use on site, easy installation and quick tuning of the MVHR system air flow. Our FITT Air has a full range of special accessories

Anti-bacterial ventilation air ducts

In collaboration with SANITIZED, FITT has developed a FITT Air tube system designed to work with the Controlled Mechanical Ventilation systems in households, work environments or public areas for high performance levels and extended life.

Designed in conjunction with SANITIZED AG, our anti-bacterial FITT Air tube creates a healthy environment in indoor areas ventilated by MVHR systems by means of an antimicrobial treatment which provides long-lasting action against legionella, bacteria and mould.

With its SANITIZED antimicrobial composition, FITT Air guarantees a reduction of over 99.99% of the germs commonly present on the internal surface of air ducts, preventing the formation of bacteria and fungi.

The use of zinc pyrithione, the main active biocide, which counters the formation of unwanted odours.

Anti-bacterial ventilation ducts system for households, offices and public areas


FITT Air tubes guarantee a reduction of over 99.99% of the germs commonly present on the internal surface of air ducts, preventing the formation of bacteria and fungi.


Treated with anti-static agents, the internal structure of FITT Air tubing stops dust deposits from collecting.


The use of zinc pyrithione (the main active biocide) in the FITT Air tubes counters the formation of unwanted odours.


With their reduced bend radius, FITT Air tubing can be installed without elbows and be adapted to any kind of site conditions.


Resistant to mechanical stress and the minimum and maximum temperatures that can arise during the various construction phases, FITT Air tubes allow for instant laying and ensure prolonged efficiency.


Due to their structural sturdiness, FITT Air tubes can be installed in false ceilings, partition walls, slab flooring or any other concrete layer on the ground.

Designed for fitters and installers

FITT Air tubing is delivered in hermetically sealed containers making for easy temporary on-site storage. Each container has enough air duct tubing to cover the installation of an MVHR ventilation system for an average sized home (150 sq. m.)

FITT Air hose supply characteristics

External Ø mm Internal Ø mm Length m Package No. of rolls / pallet
50 41 50 in film 5
63 52 50 in film 7
75 63 50 in film 3
90 76 50 in film 5
110 93 50 in bag loose
125 108 50 in bag loose
160 138 50 in bag loose

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Tubes for MVHR systems

Certifications and compliance

FITT Air tubes are developed and manufactured in compliance with the strictest sector standards for air conditioning tubing systems:

  • VDI 6022 (07/2011)
  • SWKI VA104-01 (04/2006)
  • ÖNorm H6021 (09/2003)
  • ÖNorm H6038 (02/2014)


Anti-bacterial ventilation and air ducting tubes for MVHR systems: Brochure

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